Integrations with other third-party services

LDAP mail verification beta

Pretix verify mails against ldap

This is a pretix plugin that can be used to verify the user provided mails against an ldap server. This does not verify the users password.

WARNING: This does not verify that the user registering is the owner of the mail address.


  1. Install python-ldap (pip install python-ldap)
  2. Install pretix-ldap-mails (pip install pretix-ldap-mails)
  3. Configure in admin settings
  4. Enable the plugin for your event.

Security Conserns


While we use a function of python-ldap to sanitize user input there might still be a possible exploit by inserting custom code into the ldap query. You should definitely use a read only user for ldap. User data should not be exposed as we do not print user data to the end user.

Brute forcing

Via a brute forcing attack this opens up the user to find valid mail adresses in your ldap. This is not different to a password reset feature telling you that it has (not) found an mail address.

This plugin is provided by the following third-party vendor. We have not verified the quality and cannot provide support for this plugin.